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Although maternal mortality has declined by nearly half globally, the ratio has been almost stagnant in Kenya. The Government of Kenya is developing policies and financing schemes that ensure women have access to quality and affordable maternal health care services. Recently, the government also recognized the need for better quality care as a key solution for improving maternal health outcomes.

Highlighted Investments


In Kenya, we are supporting the development and deployment of Nivi — a simple mobile phone-based service that helps women learn about the full range of family planning options, identify the method(s) they want and find local providers who offer quality services and have their preferred options available.

  • Nivi


In collaboration with Girl Effect, MSD for Mothers is supporting the development of a digitally enabled sexual and reproductive health marketplace – Wazii - where young women of reproductive age can get trusted information about their family planning options as well as linkages to client-friendly services and access to contraception across multiple channels.

  • Girl Effect


In collaboration with the PharmAccess Foundation, for Mothers is supporting the development of MomCare, a digital platform that helps a woman track her maternal health journey, improving her ability to complete the full continuum of health care visits to help assure a healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth.

  • PharmAccess
  • M-TIBA
  • CarePay
  • SafeCare

Reducing the burden of postpartum hemorrhage

Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is a leading cause of maternal morbidity and mortality worldwide, with the highest incidence in low- and middle-income countries like Kenya. In Kenya, we are supporting the design and implementation of PPH prevention as part of a multi-country initiative — Smiles for Mothers: Making Deliveries Safer. The project aims to increase access to quality uterotonics by helping ten counties adopt the WHO recommendations on uterotonics for PPH prevention and introducing innovations to strengthen the health system’s ability to respond to, prevent and manage PPH.

  • Jhpiego Kenya
  • HealthStrat
  • McKinsey & Company