Katie G. Nelson / Devex


Although maternal mortality has declined by nearly half globally, the ratio has been almost stagnant in Kenya. The Government of Kenya is developing policies and financing schemes that ensure women have access to quality and affordable maternal health care services. Recently, the government also recognized the need for better quality care as a key solution for improving maternal health outcomes.

Innovation is at the center of Kenya’s development strategy. The widespread availability and utilization of digital technology, paired with a strong national health insurance program, make Kenya an ideal setting for innovative solutions that can reduce maternal mortality in Kenya and beyond.

Highlighted Investments


In Kenya, we are supporting the development and deployment of Nivi — a simple mobile phone-based service that helps women learn about the full range of family planning options, identify the method(s) they want and find local providers who offer quality services and have their preferred options available.

  • Nivi


In Kenya, we are supporting Project iDeliver — a digital tool that helps maternity providers consistently offer quality care. The solution captures routine data through antenatal care, admissions and discharge, which health care providers can use to inform quality improvement efforts.

  • Vecna Cares
  • Scope
  • John Hopkins University


In collaboration with the PharmAccess Foundation, for Mothers is supporting the development of MomCare, a digital platform that helps a woman track her maternal health journey, improving her ability to complete the full continuum of health care visits to help assure a healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth.

  • PharmAccess
  • M-TIBA
  • CarePay
  • SafeCare